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Ease Down The Road – Bonnie "Prince" Billy

by Domino
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Throughout history, prophecy and insight have been regarded as two of the greatest misfortunes that can befall a human being. Wise men and oracles have been almost unanimously portrayed as tortured souls, forced to come to terms with a truth that the average man will barely be able to glimpse over the course of his life. It's hard to say whether Will Oldham possesses any kind of supernatural perceptiveness, but there have been times in his recording career when one has definitely gotten the sense that there's some truth beyond our own comprehension that haunts him.

Oldham's voice aches with pure fragility; when he's at his best, it's impossible to tell whether he's on the verge of a complete breakdown or a transcendental revelation. Either way, it's that sense of powerful emotion and understanding just below the surface of Oldham's quavering voice that has made his music so personally compelling.


Release details

Label: Domino
Format: LP
Units: 1
Country: UK
Genre: Rock


A1 May It Always Be
A2 Careless Love
A3 A King At Night
A4 Just To See My Holly Home
A5 At Break Of Day
A6 After I Made Love To You
B1 Ease Down The Road
B2 The Lion Lair
B3 Mrs. William
B4 Sheep
B5 Grand Dark Feeling Of Emptiness
B6 Rich Wife Full Of Happiness