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Before Today – Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

by 4AD
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  • Everything remains different: completely renewed retro pop from the oddly charming American.

    Ariel Pink is a phenomenon. Since his first home recordings in 1996, the Los Angeles-based musician has released countless singles, EPs and albums. First on his own, later on Paw Tracks, the label of Animal Collective. Every Ariel pink recording so far sounded something like the imaginary soundtrack to a 70s B-movie musical full of aliens and ninja fighters. For "Before Today" Ariel Pink and his accompanying band Haunted Graffiti went to a recording studio. And listen and be amazed: the man can also do hi-fi! So the pieces can unfold in a completely new way. The result is a unique psychedelic-surreal Disco-Pop, which has been poaching pop music for the last three decades, while indulging in madness without restraint. Opposites like retro and avant-garde, irony and leitmotif are finally dissolved on this album and make "Before Today" an experience. Listen to it!
  • Artist: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
    Label: 4AD
    Format: LP
    Units: 1
    Country: UK & US
    Genre: Pop & Rock
    Style: Glam, Lo-Fi
  • A1 Hot Body Rub
    A2 Bright Lit Blue Skies
    A3 L'Estat (Acc. To The Widow'S Maid)
    A4 Fight Night (Nevermore)
    A5 Round And Round
    A6 Beverly Kills
    B1 Butt House Blondies
    B2 Little Wig
    B3 Can'T Hear My Eyes
    B4 Reminiscences
    B5 Menopause Man
    B6 Revolution'S A Lie