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Pinned – A Place To Bury Strangers

Condition: Brand New
Ships from: Melbourne


heir fifth album is certainly their most urgent one, as they had to cope with some setbacks in the past. First, there was the globally depressing outcome of the US election in late fall 2016, which followed the closure of Death By Audio in 2014, the popular Brooklyn DIY room where guitarist and singer Oliver Ackerman lived, worked and created with dedication and endless freedom .
"Pinned" begins with "Never Coming Back", a terrifying crescendo of group vocals, dizzying guitar work and the relentless bass of Dion Lunadon. "That song is a big concept," says Ackermann. "You make these decisions in your life, you're contemplating whether or not this will be the end. You think of your mortality, those moments you could die and what that means. You're thinking about that edge of the end, deciding whether or not it's over. When you're close to that edge, you could teeter over."
A few years ago, A Place To Bury Strangers made one of the big decisions that Ackermann talks about in "Never Coming Back". They were looking for a new drummer and bassist Dion Lunadon met Lia Simone Braswell, who had recently moved from Los Angeles to Brooklyn and now played a few shows in the area. Lunadon saw her playing and asked Braswell if she would like to come by for a band rehearsal. Braswell not only quickly established herself as the band's new drummer, she also contributes vocals to "Never Coming Back" as well as other songs on "Pinned", opening up completely new dimensions for the band .
"As things go on, you don't want them to be stagnant," notes Ackermann. "Being a band for ten years, it's hard to keep things moving forward. I see so many bands that have been around and they're a weaker version of what they used to be. This band is anti-that. We try to push ourselves constantly, with the live shows and the recordings. We always want to get better. You've got to dig deep and take chances, and sometimes, I questioned that. It took really breaking through to make it work. I think we did that."
A clear and honest declaration of intent that applies not only to everything that follows, but especially to this band as a whole.

Release details

Label: Dead Oceans
Units: 1
Country: US
Released: 2018
Genre: Rock


A1 Never Coming Back
A2 Execution
A3 There'S Only One Of Us
A4 Situations Changes
A5 Too Tough To Kill
B1 Frustrated Operator
B2 Look Me In The Eye
B3 Was It Electric
B4 I Know I'Ve Done Bad Things
B5 Act Your Age
B6 Attitude
B7 Keep Moving On