Digital Stylus Force Gauge Scale


Improve audio quality and lengthen the lifespan of both your stylus and vinyl records.

The stylus force gauge works extremely precisely in order to give your the most accurate results possible. It is simple and convenient to use, it is very lightweight and features an LCD display with a blue backlight for reading the digits easily. 

It's measure range is 0–5 gram with am accuracy of 0.01 gram.

How to use the digital scale

Power on the scale and make sure the empty scale reads 0 grams. Gently lower the tone arm so that the needle rests in the centre of the scale. Raise the tone arm and set tonearm weight to the recommended weight per your stylus’ specs. Do not adjust the tonearm weight while the needle is on the scale. Raise the tone arm and adjust the tonearm weight, then lower the needle onto the scale until you get the desired tracking force.

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