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The Amity Affliction

Post-hardcore band formed in Gympie, Queensland. Australia.
Formed in 2003

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High school friends Ahren Stringer and Troy Brady created the band name “Left Lane Ends” as tribute to a mutual friend they both lost to a car accident.
They later changed the name.
Along with bassist Garth Buchanan and drummer Lachlan Faulkner, the group released their self-titled demo "" in 2004. It wasn't until late-2004 that Joel Birch would join as a vocalist. In mid-2005, the band released their self-titled EP "". Garth and Lachlan would depart from the group in 2007, and the lineup change would consist of hiring Troels Thommason on drums, Chris Burt on guitar, Ahren would take up bass, and Trad Nathan on the keyboard. Together, they would release their second EP "" in the same year. In 2008, Troels would depart from the group to be replaced with Chris's brother, Ryan Burt. Their first album "Severed Ties" would be released in the same year through Boomtown Records. Late-2009 would see the planned departure of Chris from the band, with Clint Ellis to take his place. In April 2010, the group would begin recording their second album, "Youngbloods", which would be released on June 18th through Boomtown Records, as well as Shock Records. In October 2010, "" was announced and would be released on November 26th as a compilation of previous EPs, Demos, and Youngbloods B-Sides. On February 8th 2012, the band signed with Roadrunner Records and began recording their third studio album on May 7th. "Chasing Ghosts" would be released worldwide by September 18th, following guitarist replacements leaving Dan Brown on guitar. The 2013 Vans Warped Tour proved to be a defining point for the group, when Joel Birch nearly died during the Pittsburgh show due to severe dehydration. This event was the basis of the single "Pittsburgh", which was the first single off their upcoming fourth album "Let The Ocean Take Me", which was released on April 14th, 2014. Troy would depart from the band on October 11th 2014, leaving Ahren as the only remaining founding member. The band would release a documentary about the group on July 10th 2015, titled "". The band announced their fifth album "This Could Be Heartbreak" via Facebook on May 18th 2016, which was released on August 12th. This album would be the first to include clean vocals from Joel, which was a sign of the band's migration to a softer sound. Following numerous tours, Ryan announced his departure from the group on February 5th, 2018, citing mental health concerns. On June 20th, the group released the music video for Ivy (Doomsday), which was one of three parts in a short film, as well as the first single for their sixth and most controversial album to date, "Misery", which was released August 24th, with Joe Longobardi on the drums for recording. It was announced on December 20th, 2018 that Joe would be joining the group.

Current members
Ahren Stringer - Bass/Vocals (2003-)
Joel Birch - Unclean vocals (2004-)
Dan Brown - Guitar (2013-)
Joe Longobardi - Drums (2018-)

Past members
Lachlan Faulkner - Drums (2003-2005)
Garth Buchanan - Bass (2003-2007)
Troy Brady - Guitar (2003-2009 2011-2013)
Troels Thomasen - Drums (2005-2008)
Trad Nathan - Keys (2006-2011)
Chris Burt - Guitar (2007-2009)
Ryan Burt - Drums (2008-2018)
Clint Owen Ellis - Lead guitar (2009-2011)
Imran Siddiqi - Rhythm guitar (2011-2012)

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