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Mercury Rev

Alternative rock band from Buffalo, New York, formed in 1989.

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Started as a collective to provide soundtracks for student films the band debuted in the UK as exponents of a psychedelic and experimental breed of indie rock, gradually revealing a more melodic, bittersweet sound. Frontman David Baker left after the second record, Boces and later recorded an album as Shady.
It wasn't until 1998 that the band came to mainstream media attention, after further UK touring with their album Deserter's Songs which was given "Best Album Of The Year" award by NME.

Current Members
Jonathan Donahue - vocals & guitar
Grasshopper (Sean Mackowiak) - guitar
Jeff Mercel - drums & keyboards
Carlos Anthony Molina - bass

Former Members
David Baker
Suzanne Thorpe
Jimy Chambers
Justin Russo
Jason Russo
Adam Snyder
Paul Dillon

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