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Donnie & Joe Emerson

Donnie & Joe Emerson is a duo out of the small farmer town Fruitland, Washington. In 1978 their father bought a tractor with a AM-FM radio. This changed the boys lives, because they had lived very isolated on the family farm and never been exposed to the popular music at the time. They got so inspired and started writing and playing music. Don Emerson Sr encouraged his son's to record their own music, and took a bank loan to build them a recording studio. Their high-school music teacher became the boys mentor, and in 79 they self-released the album "Dreaming Wild".

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Without previous record industry experience, the album had little commercial success, until it was rediscovered in 2008 by record collector Jack Fleischer.
In May 2012 Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland covered the song "Baby" before Ariel Pink did the same in June 2012, with both covers leading modern listeners back to the original artists. A new album came out on Light In The Attic Records in 2014, which also included older unreleased material.

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